Genealogy Database

What is it?

The database is a substantial open-source software project to display and allow on-line editing of genealogies. The software is PhpGEDView. There is a lot of help information on it, both on the web and within the program.

Where do I start?

Start with yourself. Go to the database welcome page and log in. Along the top you will see a row of icons. When you roll your mouse over most of them, you will get a list of options. Start with the one labeled "Lists" and click on "Individual List". This will bring up a screen with a row of letters across the top. Click on the first letter of your last name (like P for Pipkorn). This will bring up a list of all the last names starting with that letter. Now go down and click on the last name you want. This will bring up the list of all the people with that last name. Find the person you want and click on the name. The screen that brings up will show you all the information recorded for that person. If you are logged in, you can edit the information or use that last row to add new data. (That data won't become permanent until the changes are reviewed and accepted by the administrator.)

As you will see, there are a lot of charts and other things too. Try rolling your mouse over the "Charts" icon. From the pull-down list, try the Hourglass or Pedigree chart. You can change the chart settings in the box near the top of the page (just remember to click the View button to see the changes). Almost everything in the different pages is a link. For example, click on a name on almost any page and you go the infomation page for that person.

The best thing to do is explore. Try the different graphs, reports, etc. to see what you get. Some are useful that others and you will eventually settle on the pages that you find most interesting or useful.

What's the hidden stuff? (or Why can't I find myself?)

If you go to the "Individual" list or a chart and you see Hidden or private, it's because you are not logged in. The login link is at the very top center of most pages. Click on the word and fill in your user name and password. If you don't have a user name and password, click on Login to get to that page, then click on "Request new user account" in the lower portion.

What about privacy?

Information on living people is hidden or kept private from anyone who does not have a user account. If you don't trust cousin Vinny and don't want him to look at your information either, then let me know. The privacy settings can be changed to keep your information hidden from everyone, even other family members.