This site is the entrance to a Miller family genealogy database. It allows family members to explore their history and contribute to it and can be used for current contact information as well (it could be a good place to update those Christmas card lists!). Within the database is also a bulletin board for exchanging information or posting events and announcements. You can get to the genealogy database by clicking on the appropriate button in the bar above or in the box to the left.

The Genealogy Database

Genealogy chart.

The genealogy database is part of a project I started to document both Linda's and my ancestors and relatives. As it grew, I decided to divide it into four parts. This section contains the information on the Larson side of her family. At this point it contains almost 2,500 individuals.

Please enter and explore the database. It has a lot of information as well as a lot of buttons. It can be confusing until you learn your way around. (Try the Help button in the box at the left for some hints.) One thing you will quickly discover is that you can't see much on people you know. This is because the site is open to anyone on the Internet. To see these details, you will need a login name and password. I will be more than happy to provide these for any family member. Follow the Login link at the top of the main genealogy database screen, or just click here .

Once you have a login, you can look through all the information. You can also add information to existing people, add more relatives to expand the tree, correct my mistakes (please do!), upload pictures, etc. A good place to start is by checking and updating your own information. Uploading pictures would be a great addition. Since it can be overwhelming, if you prefer not to wrestle with the software yourself, you can always email me any information and I will take care of getting it into the system.


Plank Road Brewery

If you have old, or even not-so-old family photos in a box the closet, please consider scanning and uploading them to this site. Other family members would love to see them. A picture of yourself and/or your immediate family would be a nice starting point.

You can upload pictures of people or things linked directly to an individual in the genealogy database. You might also have some photos of places which are family related but don't necessary go. with any one person. Unfortunately these don't fit well into the genealogy database so I will be adding a photo gallery (hopefully soon) soon which will be available as a link from this page. It will have two purposes. One is to provide an album for place pictures like a churchs, farms, or an interesting scene from old Norway. The second purpose is to provide a place for unknown pictures. Among your old photographs are probably some of people or places that you can't identify. If you post them here, perhaps someone will be able to spot a familiar face. (For now, just send me any pictures as email attachments.)

If you have a photo that you would like to share here but no scanner, please let me know. I can take care of scanning it for you if you don't mind sending it back and forth through the mail.


Since this is a first attempt at getting this site up, I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve it and make it more useful. Please let me know what you think and if there are additional things we could do with a family web site. Thanks for looking.